Our Approach

Exceptional Service

Freedom Industries is dedicated to the ideal of providing each customer with exceptional service using American made products and doing so for reasonable and affordable prices. Our goal and mission is to spread our ideas along to our customers through each of our highly trained, skilled, and dedicated employees. We are not starting a new trend, just revamping the tradition that made America strong with foundational ideals that reflect what we all can do in business together to keep America free and economically on top of the world.

Experience & Expertise

Freedom Industries was founded with an idea, which we feel confident will spread to other companies as well. With many exceptional years of on the job experience, both in the field and in management, we have solved every conceivable problem involving door and dock systems, always creating very practical solutions for our customers. We value our experience in electrical, welding, fabricating, troubleshooting, and safety practices for all types of doors, locks, loading docks, and high speed doors. We always offer reasonable rates for the valuable experience, knowledge, and solutions we provide to each customer.

Innovative Solutions

When a customer asks whether Freedom Industries can do the most difficult job requiring extreme knowledge, skill and experience, we resoundingly always answer, YES; as we are completely committed to exploring viable solutions for each customer’s highly specialized needs. Our business’s true strength comes from our employees having the complete freedom to express their multifaceted talents and ideas to create individualized solutions for each of our client’s particular issues. Freedom Industries is dedicated to providing every client the freedom to openly collaborate with each and every member of our staff in order to create on the job peace of mind and absolute customer satisfaction.

Our American-Made
Parts &
Service Are
Always Guaranteed.